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 Understanding & Transforming Chronic Pain

Continuing Education  Classes

               Understanding & Transforming Chronic Pain
Using Handles and Levers to Release Neuromuscular Habits
                           14 Hours Live CE NCBTMB Approved # 1000676

This class looks at the current scientific theories of chronic pain and how they provide insight to the most effective types of therapy.  It is a hands-on and movement-based class that is about solving problems. It is about helping your clients find the best path in the search for relief and recovery. 

Description:  The class is a hybrid of Somatic Education and soft tissue work.  It uses “awareness based movement” to awaken proprioceptive centers to stimulate new neurological activity and patterns.  It also blends NMT and other techniques to release trigger points and adhesions.  The combination provides a powerful approach to address injury recovery, trauma and chronic pain.

Emphasis in this class will be placed on the joints of the spine, ribs and pelvis.  We will explore how to palpate and assess the relative health of these complex joints.  We will look at how the curves and spirals of the spine affect each other and what areas of dysfunction feel like.  Strategies will be explored to assist easier, less encumbered movement throughout the length of the spine.  A variety of injuries, pathologies and conditions will also be discussed.  Lastly, we will look at how to bring our clients into a healthier relationship with their own healing, so they become more autonomous and secure in living with whatever conditions may be a part of their lives. 

The class will provide the participants with a range of strategies and techniques to use.  The information is practical and the techniques are appropriate for everyone from the athletically fit to those who are physically challenged and even frail.

Please wear clothing that doesn’t restrict movement and bring a mat or blanket for movement explorations on the floor.

Arnold Askew has more than 30 years in bodywork and movement education.  He was on staff at the Doleys Pain Clinic in Birmingham, AL for 17 years teaching movement classes and seeing patients individually.  During that time he co-founded and was senior instructor at Red Mountain Institute for the Healing Arts where he taught Neuromuscular Therapy, anatomy and pathology.  For the past ten years he has been studying the degenerative conditions and pain that are associated with aging.
Arnold has extensive training in both manual and movement therapies and is Guild Certified in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education.Ò  The emphasis of his work is helping people experience improvements that sparks their curiosity about how to reproduce these feelings independently.  It is his strong belief that there is always room to be more comfortable and healthier, even in the midst of a chaotic and stressful world.

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