The Feldenkrais Method was founded by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (rhymes with rice), an Israeli engineer, physicist and expert in Judo.  Using his unique genius and wide range of interests he was a major pioneer  in the field of Somatic Education.  He was known worldwide for his ability to help people with neurological problems such as stroke, cerebral palsy, pain relief as well as assisting athletes and performing artists improve their skills.  Through the period of the early 1950’s until his death in 1984 he meticulously refined his system and trained others in what is now known as the Feldenkrais Method.  There are now thousands of Feldenkrais practitioners world wide that continue the legacy of Dr. Feldenkrais. 


Moshe Feldenkrais

The terms Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, Functional Integration, Awareness Through Movement, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner are trade marked.

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