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Functional Integration is the individual hands-on sessions of the Feldenkrais Method (there are also classes).  The client is fully clothed and usually lies on a low table, though sitting, standing and other options are frequently used.  The practitioner uses gentle touch and movement to assist clients in becoming aware of tension and posturing.  It is through this awareness that new and more efficient ways of moving are discovered.  The result is a heighten sense of self, improved alignment, and an increased sense of ease and efficiency.  FI is the crux of helping someone out of habituated patterns that have developed over time from injuries, poor posture, anxiety and more.   It is the central approach I use with all of my clients that are looking for profound change and permanent relief.


Functional Integration

The terms Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, Functional Integration, Awareness Through Movement, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner are trade marked.

There are times, however, when I use other techniques to address specific soft tissue problems.  These include:   

Neuromuscular Therapy & Myofascial Release
    These are soft-tissue techniques used to deactivate trigger points and release adhesions, both of which case strain within the soft tissue resulting in pain and fatigue.  These are the front line techniques used to rehab sports injuries as well as other injuries such as whiplash, back problems, and  over-use strains - tendonitis, TMJ dysfunction, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc.  Once the tissue is restored to a healthier condition then Functional Integration is used to help develop healthy movement patterns and use-of-self, thereby preventing similar injuries in the future.    The client is usually partially undressed and always draped appropriately with a sheet.    

Relaxing Massage
    Oftentimes a gentle massage is needed to decompress the nervous system from exhaustion, stress and fatigue.  In these cases nurturing touch can have a powerful affect leaving the client feeling relaxed, centered and secure.  As with NMT the client is usually undressed and appropriately draped with a sheet.  

Functional Integration                $75.00
NMT / Myofascial Release         $75.00
Massage                                    $75.00

Packages of 10 get $5.00 of each session saving $50.00 total